An insanely easy time clock

Effortless time keeping

Designed to be simple and intuitive. We aren't reinventing the wheel. We made a wheel that does what your need and stays out of your way.

Streamlined workflow

Clock in when your start work. Pause for breaks. Clock out when you're done.

Share your timesheets

Export your log in a professionally formatted PDF file, and share with an employer or include with a client's invoice.

Get paid for your time

Estimate your paychecks and compare with your paystub to ensure you're paid for every minute worked.

Rewrite history

Maybe you forget to pause for a coffee break, or realize you've began working but didn't start the clock. Don't worry! You can easily change the date or time of any entry in your log.

Document your tasks

Add a comments for any shift. Explain what you accomplished, jot down a reminder to pick up where you left off tomorrow, or tag the entry as holiday pay.

Brilliant bookkeeping

Save a copy of your exported timesheets for your records and be better prepared for payroll and taxes.

Device agnostic

Logger is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac (Apple Silicon).

Priceless for professionals

Logger is great for freelancers, shift workers, those working remotely, students, private contractors, and more.