Hi, I’m Trent Morris.

I write code, contribute to open-source projects, and create mobile applications for humans.

Current Projects


Punch is a basic time clock app. Users can clock in and out, take breaks, and keep an accurate log of their hours worked. It’s the very first app I released, and it used by over million people worldwide.

Available for iPhone and free to download from the Apple App Store.


Logger is the spiritual successor to Punch. Written with the latest iOS development framework, SwiftUI, Logger offers a similar workflow to Punch with added efficiency, a modern interface, and useful features:

– Log your hours worked. – Edit entries retroactively. – Add comments describing your accomplishments that shift. – Estimate your paycheck. – Take unpaid and paid breaks. – Export timesheets as a PDF document. – Share timesheets with an employer, client, or download for your records.

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac (Apple Silicon). Download for free from the App Store.